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Fastest Ways to Level 30 (2020)

Getting to level 30 in League of Legends takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. For most new players, getting to level 30 as fast as possible is their first goal, but leveling up that much is easier said than done. Getting to level 30 can sometimes take hundreds of hours. This can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. And while there is no way to shoot straight to the end through natural leveling, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips that can help you along the way. Read on to learn about the fastest ways to maximize your experience gain to have you get to level 30 as quickly as possible. 

Outplay The Competition

The most straightforward way to get more experience is to win. This is also easier said than done, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that wins don’t matter unless you’re playing ranked. Wins mean more experience, and more experience means less time climbing to level 30. The problem, especially at lower levels, is that your teammates can ruin a win for you. Typically at lower levels, there are a lot of smurf players, a lot of players who don’t understand the game yet, and a lot of players who will just up and afk. So it’s really a series of coinflips as to who will end up on your team and who will end up on the enemy team. If you happen to end up with players who don’t know how to play or players who just plain quit the match, your chance of winning will not be looking good. 

One way to ensure that you’ll pick up a win is to cut out these variables entirely with a bot match. It’s true that bot matches are a lot less fun, and a lot less informative in terms of learning valuable gameplay skills, but if you’re trying to reach level 30 by a certain time or just as fast as you can then it might actually make more sense to hop into a bot match for the day to ensure you get a win, especially if you’ve only picked up losses for awhile. The good news is that bot games can go really quickly. Playing against beginner bots is already easy, and without any of the pitfalls of matchmaking, you should be able to sweep up wins really quickly. Get in, get fed, wipe the enemy nexus off the face of the planet. 

Grab Some Friends or Make Some Teammates

Leveling up with friends is a lot faster. If you can grab two friends to level up with you, you can head to the Twisted Treeline and stomp out a win in no time. If you happen to have more friends and all five of you need experience, head to Summoners Rift and try to grab a win as soon as possible. The easiest way for new players to quickly push down an enemy nexus against bots is to take all AD champions, and at least one or two with good wave clear. Push down one lane, feed on bots if you want, and kill the enemy nexus as quickly as possible. 

This method not only ensures that everyone is working together toward a common goal but also helps to avoid some of the woes of matchmaking. If someone on your team afks, don’t bring them along next time. Or if they aren’t good at the game, help them learn the ropes while you destroy the bots’ nexus. This has the added benefit of helping you learn teamwork and the value of destroying objectives. Many of the other skills don’t transfer since you won’t exactly be going all-mid in a 5v5 against other players, nor will you be able to just go all out at the enemy nexus, but there are still some valuable gameplay lessons in there for new players. 

Shell Out For the Boosts

By far the quickest way to boost your experience gain is through, well, boosts. These boosts aren’t free, you have to shell out RP in the store for them, but you can double up time boosts and per-win boosts for maximum experience gain. For players who don’t want to waste a drop of XP unboosted, you can get to level 30 in less than 100 games, which could be half what it would take otherwise. If you manage to get some win streaks in there you can expect to finish up in just about two weeks with about 5 games per day. That still sounds like a lot, but it’s less than half of what it would usually take. Typical players can expect to spend about $30 in boosts, give or take. Hardcore players can probably get by with a lot less, and casual players might expect to spend a bit more. This is mostly based on the timed boosts. A seven-day boost will run you around $5, so the longer it takes you, the more you can expect to spend. 

Skip the Grind

I did say that there was no way to shoot right to level 30 with natural leveling, but there is a way to skip leveling in general, save yourself weeks of work, and maybe even save you a good amount of money: buy an account. Buying an account that’s already level 30 can save you hundreds of hours or more. And it might even save you money too if you were going to need enough boosts. Most people will just about break even with buying instead of boosting in terms of money but, in terms of time spent, the runaway winner is buying an account.

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