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The Rarest League of Legends Skins 2019

Rarest League of Legends skins of all time

From Pax skins to old Victorious skins to Rusty Blitzcrank, skins can range from simply hard to get, to near impossible even to see in-game. Some older skins like Badger Teemo and Dragon Knight Mordekaiser are retired to the legacy chest, and can only be found rarely over the past few years through certain sales or mystery gifts etc. But other skins aren’t just retired, they’re exclusive to certain events, times, and reasons, and will never be available again. Even in 2019, a lot of the rarest skins are still a decade old, and that’s because you just can’t get them anymore. Read on as we count down the five all-time rarest kinds of skins in the game. 

5. The Preorder Bunch

Back when Riot was first releasing League of Legends there was still a huge market for physical CD videogame sales. That said, League of Legends was released as free to play, and so probably very few people shelled out for preorders of physical editions or collectors editions. Because of this, the skins included in those preorders are some of the rarest in the game. Young Ryze (formerly “Human Ryze”)  was given to those who preordered the collector's edition, and Black Alistar was only given out to those who preordered through Amazon or Gamestop. 

4. The 2010 Trio

Still early on in League of Legends history, 2010 was a time for rare skins. Some of the rarest are UFO Corki, Urfwick, and Judgement Kayle. These skins are rare for the simple fact that they were given out way back in 2010. Because of the longstanding inside joke surrounding Urfwick, that was a popular skin on release. But UFO Corki was even more exclusive, given out only to those who had an account before 2010, and Judgement Kayle was only given to those who played at least 10 ranked games all the way back in the first ranked season. 

3. Whistler Village Twitch

This skin was only available for a short time during the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics. As with most of these exclusive skins so far, this Twitch skin was a simple recolor of Twitch’s original in-game model when it first released. Given the limited amount of time it was available and the less hype surrounding it compared to, say, Urfwick, it’s no surprise that Whistler Village Twitch is a rare sight to be seen these days in-game. 

2. PAX Twisted Fate

All the way back in 2009, before League of Legends was even really a thing, Riot handed out codes for a skin in a game that a lot of people didn’t have yet. the whole PAX event itself only had 50,000 attendees in 2009, and so even though probably only a certain fraction of those people went on to use those codes to unlock the skin, at most that means there can only be about 50,000 copies of this skin out there. 

1. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank is the perfect storm as far as rare skins go. It was only available for a short amount of time, no one bought it in the first place, and it was released way back when Blitzcrank himself was released. What’s more, riot even offered an exchange for the skin since it was so similar to the original and a lot of people complained. So not only did very few people buy the skin, many who did would go on to change their minds about it and give it back. It’s rumored that the number of active players who have a Rusty Blitzcrank skin is in the lower hundreds, making it one of the rarest skins of all time. 

Honorable Mentions: Old Victorious Skins and Other PAX Skins

Victorious skins right off the bat were only given out to those who had proven themselves in ranked. These skins were only awarded to those who reached gold rank during the respective ranked seasons. These skins are account bound and there is no other way to obtain them. So already they’re pretty exclusive, but some of the older ranked-season reward skins are even more so. Back when the first set of Victorious skins were given out, fewer people played and even fewer achieved the rank of gold. And, of those that did, many of them no longer play since it was years ago, making older victorious skins like Jarvan IV and Janna rare indeed. 

Rarer still are the rest of the PAX skins. These were given out only to people who physically attended PAX. So it isn’t just the Twisted Fate skin that is rare, everything from Riot Singed to PAX Jax has to earn a mention on the list of rarest skins. Even PAX Sivir, who came out later when the game was more popular, is still a rare skin to encounter. 

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