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The Easiest League Of Legends Champions To Learn

The easiest champions to learn in League of Legends

I have said it before and I will say it again, there are over a hundred LOL champions and runes to master in the league. Therefore as a beginner, you shouldn’t really rush into choosing any of them without understanding who they are, how they’d help you, and what their strengths and weakness are. Understanding a champion perfectly takes time and knowing which champions to start with is overly important. Here is a list of some of the easy to learn champions that you could try out as a beginner or an already leveled up player who needs to fight easily but still remain pretty much voracious in dealing damage and gaining lane control.


Use WuKong in top lane or as a jungler. WuKong has no skill shots in his ability set. Making him an extremely easy to learn and use champion. Unlike many other champions, WUU like I often call him - doesn’t have to worry about kiting since he has a terrific built in dash. One deal breaker though, WUU’s passive makes him tankier than expected. But his AOE knock up effect from his Ult easily makes it up and overshadows his tankiness.


If you asked me to recommend any great mid lane champion for you – Annie will be my choice. Well for beginners she is. Annie can play mid or support. She has an Ult that allows her to bring to play a giant teddy bear (Tibbers) to smack up the enemies. In addition to that her passive let’s her stun her targets with every four spells cast. With these she can easily destroy enemy lines and swing the match to your side. Trust me Annie is the reason I have lost a game before and maybe the reason I could lose another.

Master Yi

No one sweeps the jungle like Master Yi. Tricky as the jungle may seem this easy to learn champion is gifted with the ultimate training wheels for a jungler. He has an Alpha Strike that allows him to clear camps quickly. His healing ability – Meditate is also an all powerful tool. Furthermore, none of the Master’s ability requires aiming making him easy to use and also to snap and gank enemy lanes.


Ashe is fantastic as an AD carrier. And apart from steamrolling the enemy’s team at the end of the game, Ashe is also great in setting up teammates kills as well. This makes her a potentially unique champion that doubles up to help the team advance in lane with her multi-tasking ability. She will slow enemies with auto attacks for you to chase them down and her Ult- the Hawkshot allows her to easily spot a scouts plan of action before it’s even executed.


Amumu is pretty much the best tank for a jungler. He can gank enemies easily with his Bandage Toss and deal surprising amount of damage to any nearby enemies with the Tantrum and Despair. However, the one reason why I included Amumu in his list is that apart from being so easy to learn like many other tanks, Amumu can use ‘Curse of The Sad Mummy’ to freeze many enemies at once and damage them instantly. A move that could win the fight just like that!


If there is an awesome champion that I have used before, it’s Jinx. Apart from being easy to learn, Jinx makes farming minions look so easy. I say ‘look so easy’ because not every ADC champs learns how to effectively farm minion as fast as Jinx does it. She can clear waves of minions with just one shot from her rocket launcher and mini gun. Her mini gun stacking speed is also pretty much incredible making her the perfect champ in taking down towers. Her Ult the ‘Super Mega Death Rocket’ is also easy to learn and use in taking down skilled champions.

I have used quite a number of easy to learn champions including Darius. They often require no skill shots and have easy mechanics to learn. They are powerful and possible stand so much of the laning damage too. Start out with these few and see how they turn you game.

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