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Beware Of Websites Offering Free Riot Points

Beware of RP League of Legends scams
You happen to stumble upon a website that offers free Riot points and think to yourself, "Wow! Free points! I'd better go for this while this hack is still available". There's nothing that could go wrong, is there? I mean, the website is offering free Riot points, and that's a good thing, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, you could be opening up a can of worms when you believe that you can get free RP on these sites. At the very least, your personal information can be compromised, which leads you to get spam email, unsolicited text and all those pesky junk you don't need. The worst thing that can happen? You lose control of all the hard work you put in to rank up your account. You lose your beloved champions, skins, chromas, bundles, ward skins, summoner icons and Hextech crafting materials. You lose your League of Legends game account to thieves who dangle free Riot points and lure in unsuspecting gamers.

Is Free Riot Points A Scam?

Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, has pointed out time and again not to engage in websites, forums or individuals who claim they can give you RP for free. There's even a page in their support section and a YouTube video that outlines the shady tactics and the practices these scammers use to lure you in and get your LoL username and password. In the article, Riot Games pleads League of Legends players to never, ever give out their account username and password in exchange for Riot points as they could lose their account to scammers and exploiters. Furthermore, the support page states that Riot Games will NEVER hold an event, in-game or otherwise that will ask you for your log in credentials in exchange for free Riot points. If there's a shadow of a doubt in your mind that you might be entering a scam, then your gut could be telling the truth. It makes sense, really. Why would a Riot Game employee ask you for your user name and password when they can just hand out the points straight to your LoL account? These developers can simply get into the system, type out a few instructions, and you'll get Riot points in real time. They would not need a third party to get it done. Moreover, legit Riot Games employees will not share or give out your personal details to anyone for any reason, ever. These scam websites will do everything they can to make you believe that they are to be trusted and are actual Riot Games employees. These people could be posing as your "friend", offering you RP in exchange for your information, or as Riot Games themselves, saying that you're the "Lucky Winner" of so and so promotion and you get free RP points! In exchange for your user name and password, of course. The "we" in the scam isn't really Riot Games, but someone who wants to steal your account information.

A List Of Free RP Scams Online

Being informed is one of the best ways to beat a scam. Here's a list of ways on how websites can get your League of Legends account.

Free RP Generator Tools

This is one of the most common scams out there on the web. A quick Google search for "Free Riot Points" will lead you to several legit-looking pages claiming to give you RP for absolutely free. But a closer look reveals that they won't really give it to you for free. Here's how they run the scam. First, you'll see a huge text saying that you can get free RP for using on whatever you like. You'll be hooked in and start looking for the "Get Free RP Now" link. But the website owners will more than likely put in a small field right in the middle or the bottom of the page, asking you to put in your LoL user name and password. These scammers reason that they will need these information from you so that they can send the Riot points straight to your in-game account. Sounds reasonable, right? But the truth is, there's something sinister happening underneath. You see, the moment you put in your Riot Games username and password and press "Send", a terminal running in the background will send a verification in the form of a Captcha, along with a short survey or a questionnaire. The trojan site will say that this is the last step towards getting free points, and that it only takes a minute or two to complete. So you fill it out and press "Submit" and wait for the free RP. You can wait a few hours, a day or even a week, but the free points will never arrive. These shady sites operate to capture "leads", or real information from real people and sells them to companies. CPA sites exist to capture personal detail, and for each successful lead they acquire they get paid somewhere between $2 to $5. So they dangle free Riot points in your face in order to get you to give up your League of Legends user name and password. They profit by selling your information. You waste time completing surveys or other lead offers, such as downloading an app or filling out a form with no reward. You're back to where you started with nothing to show for it. Here's an advice- when you see a website promoting free RP, then most probably it's a scam trying to get leads and making money from it.

Download Free RP Software

What's worse than giving your personal information to companies who send you scammy texts, emails and products? Having to download a malicious file that compromises your computer or your smart phone. These kinds of websites will want you to give up your League of Legends user name and password and download a file on your computer at the same time. There's a lot of consequences that can happen this way. Let's outline these dangers one by one. They Offer Free Riot Points For Your Log In Credentials. These malicious sites hook you in by offering free RP. Like the first scam mentioned above, they claim to do this only if you give your username and password. They can start hacking your LoL account and destroy everything you worked so hard for, or sell your information to the highest bidder. In the end they profit from the mistake you made in giving them your League of Legends details. They Make You Download An RP Generator or an RP Hack. The scam sites claim that you can download a free RP hack that "Really Works, 100% Guaranteed" and run it anytime to get RP. More often than not, they'll list "features" about the RP Generator along with the benefits to make you more interested in the offer. Right at the end of the pitch there's a "Download Now" button that you click, and a download window opens up. You'll get an .exe file that must NEVER be opened if you value your computer, privacy or personal data. This will unleash a virus or a malware that will quickly infect your computer. Malicious pieces of code can do plenty of damage in ways you can't imagine. Viruses can make your computer stop working completely. If you use your computer for study or for work, then you'll be inconvenienced and will have to spend time undoing the damage. Or, there could be bits of code that steal all the pertinent information you have stored there, such as credit card information, ID, log ins to other websites, email passwords, etc. They can also replicate or send themselves to other devices in your network. Get a reliable antivirus program and do a scan of the .exe file. You'll find that it will be filled with viruses, backdoor software and dangerous files. Don't open it and send it straight to your Recycle Bin. In the future, avoid these kinds of websites because face it, a $10 worth of free Riot points isn't worth the havoc that a virus can unleash on your computer.

Riot Points Phishing Sites

Last but not the least, there's the deceptively simple yet equally devastating Riot points phishing sites. The term "phishing" is used here because the site baits you into entering your LoL user name and password in order to proceed to the next step, which is getting your free Riot points. The whole page will be made to look as legitimate as possible. The website will emulate the original LoL website and copy the format of the login fields. You'll be tricked into believing that since everything looks the same as the official League of Legends website, then it's totally legit, right? Wrong again. This is what they want you to believe. Part of what makes it so successful in scamming League of Legends players is because it looks so real, when in fact it's fake. It's one of the oldest tricks in the online book, and it works for good reason. The creators only need to put in the user name and password fields and not much else. There's no fluff, no videos and no content. The only text you'll read is the promise of getting free Riot points. But once you put in your user name and password for your in-game account and hit "Log In", then you can kiss your account goodbye. The information you enter in the website will be copied and sent to the scammers, who will then use it to log in your League of Legends account. They will then try to do several things. These scammers can hack into your account and undo all the hard work you did, or they can force a password reset and change your password. In the worst case scenario, your LoL account will be completely irretrievable and undeniably lost. Gamers say that time spent playing your favorite games is time well spent, and there's a nugget of truth there. You put in the time, effort and get rewarded. You feel proud because all the time you've invested has paid off virtually. The more time you spend, the more valuable your account becomes. Why throw it all away just for a few dollars' worth of free Riot points?

How To Keep Your LoL Account Safe From Hackers and Scammers

There's a lesson to be learned here. One, don't trust all the things you see on the internet. Just like the adage says "If it's too good to be true, it probably is", free Riot points for a few minutes of your time will smell fishy right from the start. You can get fooled by the promise of free RP, but when these sites start asking you for your user name and password, then it's time to be smart and click on the exit button. If you feel that your League of Legends account has been compromised, then immediately go to the official Riot Games website, log in and click on the "Change Password" link. Change your password to something that's entirely different from the last one and you just might save your account. You can link your account to a safe email address so only you can authorize important changes, such as resetting password and the like. If you've somehow opened an .exe file after visiting a scam website, then open up your anti-virus software and try to locate the source file. Do a scan immediately to ensure that your computer stays safe. Target malicious files and delete them right away. Then open up your browser and blacklist the site so you won't visit it ever again. Remember that Riot points can simply be given by legitimate Riot Games employees without ever asking for your log in credentials. You don't need to download suspicious files from websites to get Riot points. Moreover, you will not be forced to take surveys or complete offers just to get the RP you need to buy champions, skins and all that. Value your League of Legends username and password and keep it only to yourself.
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