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Best Crowd Control Champions You Should Try Out

Best Crowd Control Champions

Crowd control is very important in playing the league. It allows you to cripple the enemy and also to disable them. Let’s shade some light on crowd control before looking at some of the best champions with high ability to control crowds.

Crowd Control has the ability to stop the enemy dead on their track. The enemy won’t attack, cast their ability, or escape. CC is often one of the greatest differences in the game apart from the last hitting or warding. Actually, CC is even the main difference between becoming someone feed or escaping from a tight spot.

Crowd Control also helps you to kill enemies. When you use CC to stun your enemy it gives you the ability to get within range and deliver your combos. It also allows you to land out an attack and therefore CC makes it easy to get kill or to feed.

Crowd Control will also help your team to protect your ADC. The ADC champion is one of the most delicate champions. Actually, without ideal protection, the Carries can be easily knocked and left to die. By using CC you can easily maintain the distance between you and your enemy and at the end of it, all save your life.

With that said, which are some of the best Crowd Control champions that every gamer should go for? Here are some suggestions that you could look into.


Alistar is great for keeping the enemies away from the carries. He is also perfect for starting team fights. The great thing about Alistar that can help you to change a game is his stun that cannot be cleansed and can hit pretty much multiple targets. Again his knockback can either push people away from the carries or dram them in. Use Alistar’s Q to hit more people. This will disable most of them and keep them away from your carries.


Janna it has been said before and you’d probably agree with me, Janna is one of the best Crowd Control champions if not the best. No wonder most guys will jump onto her for Support and help in protecting the ADC. She has an awesome tornado that’s able to knock guys down. Her Ult is also quite effective at pushing guys away.


Amumu’s curse of the sand mommy is one of his most valued crowd control abilities. This is due to its large area of effect. Just with his ult, Amumu has the ability to get the whole team locked to give you an easy chance to land abilities and do a whole lot of damage to them. Landing the stun is never quite easy since it is a skill shot. However, with some practice, you could just learn to hit the jackpot. Use an Amumu to also start fights.


Cho has two awesome traits that make him one of the very best Crowd Control Champs. Firstly Cho has a knock up ability that can easily disable multiple enemies and slow them down as well. His silence lasts about 3 seconds making one of the longest periods for CC. These reasons are the main ones that make Cho excellent for this role. However, his abilities are skill shots and must be used well. He can make an awesome combo too.


Many of us might probably write off Galio from this list. But believe it or not, Galio’s Ult is his main source of Crowd Control. It allows him to disable multiple enemies and ideally lock them down for the team to land multiple abilities and also just nail the free damage. His area of effect is awesome for locking up teams and ideally winning fights. Just ensure to get as many enemies as possible locked right in. Flash is you have to!

CC is great at protecting the ADC champions and also winning the game. If you want to change the game, use CC but know your champion and whatever works for them.

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